IMCO Approves Key Amendments

IMCO Approves Key Amendments

The aftermarket can maintain in-vehicle data access via the OBD port as announced by the European Parliament’s IMCO committee, which approved several key amendments to Vehicle Type-Approval legislation proposals. The approval follows ongoing campaigning from within the industry and also government quarters both at home and abroad to keep access open.

When Daniel Dalton, West Midlands MEP, together with IAAF’s Chief Executive Wendy Williamson, GEA’s Dave Garrett, IGA’s Stuart James, FIGEIFA’s Sylvia Gotzen and Neil Pattemore, visited an independent garage in Birmingham in 2016, he realised how crucial it was that aftermarket access to in-vehicle data remains possible.

Since the announcement that the aftermarket could lose access to the OBD port, IAAF and FIGIEFA have fought together against the initial proposals, highlighting the need for a level playing field to ensure consumer freedom of choice when repairing and maintaining vehicles. IAAF has been holding meetings over the last 18 months with Dalton and the IMCO committee to discuss the aftermarket situation.

Over 184 amendments were approved by the IMCO during that period, as part of the forthcoming type approval legislation, which relate to the diagnostics, repair and maintenance of vehicles. The changes followed the publication of the ‘Dalton Report’.

“We’re extremely grateful for the huge political support we have received on this issue from Daniel Dalton, in campaigning alongside us and other industry voices for the future of the independent aftermarket,” said Wendy Williamson, IAAF Chief Executive. “Not only has the Dalton Report been pivotal in our fight but his proactive role, evident in his visit to a garage and meeting with aftermarket stakeholders, has galvanised our collaborative efforts in achieving this absolutely magnificent result we’ve been pushing for – to ensure aftermarket access to the OBD port,” she added.

The agreement is due to be submitted to the European Parliament for final approval, which is believed to be endorsed in the Parliament’s final voting session in April.


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