Ibero-American Social Work Congress Takes on Recyclable Ancient Roman Theme

Ibero-American Social Work Congress Takes on Recyclable Ancient Roman Theme

Augusta Emerita, the Roman city was first founded in the year 25 a.C. The city was first created in order to offer accommodation for the licensed soldiers of Legion X Gemina and V Alaudade. Today, Augusta Emerita is now called Mérida. In this city, a new edition of the Ibero-American Social Work Congress took place, with a theme that reflected the city’s long history while keeping an eye on the future. The Congress took place in October this year.

In order to assist with this congress, Enorme Studio worked to design the scenography for the Congress. The designs were inspired by Ancient Roman design and shape and the overall theme of the scenography was Roman Recyclable. All of the counters at the Ibero-American Social Work Congress were designed to look like reinterpretations of the altars that were used in Ancient Rome for blood sacrifices. The stands for the sponsors were also designed in order to look like small fronts of classical temples. Enorme Studio also designed the rest area with seat columns that were created by reproducing 1/1 the scale of the columns of the building’s hexastyle portico. The bases of the seats were made from foam rubber which imitates the granite, with the shafts of the column-seat constructed from cardboard.

In order to comply with the Recyclable aspect of the Ancient Roman feel of the Ibero-American Social Work Congress, all of the scenography was made with MDF wood planks, measuring 19mm in thickness and 60mm diameter cardboard tubes. These materials used will be recycled in the workshop “Fabrikanda, Laboratory of experimental manufacturing in Self-construction and Reuse”. This event will take place in November at the site of LaFábrika detodalavida, and will be supported by the GRRR platform which is the management for the Reuse and Redistribution of Resources.


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