Herefordshire Council Announced Funding for a New University and Cyber Security Centre

Herefordshire Council Announced Funding for a New University and Cyber Security Centre

Herefordshire Council has announced funding for a new university and cyber security centre. The Department of communities and Local Government has awarded funding to The Marches Local Enterprise Partnership. The Enterprise have been given £2.82 million in order to support the construction of a new Centre for Cyber Security. This new security centre will be located in Hereford and is expected to create 185 new jobs.
Herefordshire Council have also managed to secure an additional £8 million from The Marches Local Enterprise Partnership. This funding has been allocated to the development of a new university I Hereford. The council has been working alongside the New Model in Technology & Engineering in order to develop the proposals for the development and funding bids. The university is set to be on a new city-based campus, and have halls of residence and faculty buildings.
It is hoped that the new university plans will help the shortfall of around 40,000 engineering graduates as well as try to promote the course and the industry to women. The new university should also attract more young people to the area which will be a welcome boost to the economy. The new university is expected to welcome 300 students in September 2019, but it is hoped that this number will increase to 5,000 by 2032.
The University of Wolverhampton has been working on the cyber security centre. The new centre is set to be located at the Enterprise Zone, Skylon Park in Hereford. The plan for the cyber centre is to support three areas of cyber security: Accommodation for businesses working in cyber security; secure training as well as educational facilities that will provide specialised cyber security training for businesses, and a base to conduct further research in the field of cyber security. The Business accommodation on the new development is expected to provide space for 20 tenant businesses, which could lead to the increase in job numbers.


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