Exciting and Productive One For Acorn Industrial Park

Exciting and Productive One For Acorn Industrial Park

This year has proved to yet again be an exciting and productive one for Acorn Industrial Park, located in the Kent area of Crayford. Being just off the M25 and near the town’s bustling heart, Acorn Industrial Park is one of the largest business developments in the Southern regions of the United Kingdom, with more than 421 thousand square feet devoted to different storage space facilities for businesses and entrepreneurial companies.

The year saw the arrival of several new companies setting up tenancy at the site, such as Delmark Lifting Equipment Limited and Teamframes Limited. These companies will be neighboring the eight new tenancies that were taken by companies back in the previous financial year of 2015, and it is hoped that even more tenancies will be taken by businesses this year as word of mouth spreads of Acorn’s brilliant facilities in the South.

The new year of 2017 will also see the renovation of several other locations on the site in order to cope with the increasing demands for storage space, and three sections in particular (C2, 41, 42) will be renovated so that they will be able to provide up to 18, 811 square feet of space for those willing enough to pay for it. Evidence equally shows that the necessity for creating more storage space will be greater than ever in 2017, since in only a fortnight two spaces on the site have already been taken by businesses.

Commenting on the state and future of Acorn Industrial Park, Mister Tim Clement of JLL is confident that the storage space facilities will very quickly be taken and that the site will be fully booked by the end of the year. This, based on the evidence of the mere last two weeks of the year, looks increasingly likely and the site officials will be pleased to see that it is being put to good use by its clients.


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