Eshton Managed to Complete Their Latest Development on Time

Eshton Managed to Complete Their Latest Development on Time

Eshton has managed to complete their latest development on time. The company appointed GMI Construction in order to complete the building project in 36 weeks. This development has been funded by the Yorkshire Bank and was handed over to the road haulage experts and clients for the development, Fagan & Whalley on Friday 26th May 2017.

The development consists of a 92,000 sq. ft. accommodation space that sits on a 10 acre site that has the capacity to park 80 trailers. Also incorporated into the development is 10 loading bays and 25,000 different pallet locations. It is thought that the development will serve as a major distribution location for the company. It is thought that the new development will allow the business to expand their warehouse capacity a significant amount.

Fagan & Whalley is a company that is family run and was wanting a new facility located in an area that they already have a customer service base. The new Burnley Bridge development is located one junction away from the businesses established operations facility as well as their company headquarters.

Burnley Bridge is situated at Junction 9 of the M65 and is offering the space for a modern development of of industrial space and warehousing accommodation. So far, as part of a number of different projects, there has been more than 750,000 sq. ft. of space delivered to clients to date. There are a wide variety of different businesses now based at Burnley Bridge including Birchall Foodservice.

The new development that has been completed is the second largest project to take place on Eshton’s Burnley Bridge site, as the development is 19 meters high. Eshton is working in order to regenerate the area around the Fagan & Whalley facility and has been making sure that the work being carried out will lead to more jobs being created in the area in an attempt to boost the community. Eshton has continued their working relationship with GMI Construction. Previously the two countries have worked together in order to complete Magnesium Court and Cobalt House development projects.


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