eMoov Makes Appointment Ahead of Plans to Expand

eMoov Makes Appointment Ahead of Plans to Expand

eMoov, known as the UK’s most successful recognised Hybrid Estate Agent, has revealed plans to recruit more staff as a part of a larger plan to expand the industry. The company announced the appointment of Richard Olliffe as their Head of Local Property agents this week. This new appointment is the first of many in a move by the Hybrid Estate Agent to prepare to drastically build out its operations and employees.

The business has more than 10 years of experience on the UK property market, and eMoov has said that Richard will be an asset to the company, bringing with him a passion for perfection which has been developed during his time serving in the British Army. Richard left service in 2004 and has since built a successful career in a number of high profile high-street agencies such as Spicerhaart, Connells and Countrywide. The new Head of Local Property Agents has more than a decade of experience working in the UK property market.

As eMoov looks to create a growing army of local property agents, it is thought that Richard Olliffe will be the ideal person to lead the company in the home selling revolution that appears to be taking over the UK. Hybrid agents are becoming more and more popular, offering a more digital and convenient service than their high-street only counterparts. With eMoov one of the most successful of these Hybrid companies, it is vital that the company keep ahead of the game as their popularity increases.

It is thought that the high-street shop window has become outdated and unnecessary as a marketing tool in the modern times of this sector, as has the multiple branch model. It is thought instead that Estate Agencies can benefit from cutting the high overheads and higher commission fees that are thought to be no longer relevant in the UK property sector. However, one valued part of this market that still remains is the face to face contact that can be made with a local expert, who can often combine local knowledge and online market data in order to offer an accurate valuation for client’s homes.


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