E.ON Conducted a Survey With Commercial landlords Regarding the New Requirements

E.ON Conducted a Survey With Commercial landlords Regarding the New Requirements

E.ON have conducted a survey with commercial landlords regarding new requirements from the Minimum Energy Efficient Standards that come in to effect in April next year. If it is decided that the properties do not meet at least an E standard on the Energy Performance Certificate the landlords could be prevented from letting them out.

With these new regulations landlords are worried as it could mean that they lose some income if their properties do not meet the required grade. According to the survey conducted by E.ON, only 9% of landlords feel that the properties in their portfolio meet the minimum required grade with a year until the regulations come in to effect.

Landlords have expressed their concern about meeting the specified requirements in the Minimum Energy Efficient Standards because failing to meet them could lead to having problems with mortgage repayments. 45% of the landlords that were consulted as part of the research carried out by E.ON have said that they weren’t aware or only vaguely aware of the new standards that are coming in to place next month.

Other results from the research show that more than half of the landlords thought that at least 40% of their properties were F and G rated. Also, 34% are concerned that the new regulations will affect whether they will be able to renew the leases on their properties. The research has revealed that landlords are more focused on meeting the regulations than other more typical landlord concerns. 37% of landlords are focusing on meeting the EPC regulations, 34% are focused on being able to meet their mortgage repayments, and 27% focus of keeping tenants happy.

However the new regulations are more than just a headache for landlords. 43% of landlords have stated that they find it easier to persuade tenants to let out the commercial properties that meet the regulations, and 39% have found the value of their properties has increased.


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