Dreamland Has Had a Major Amount of Redevelopment

Dreamland Has Had a Major Amount of Redevelopment

Dreamland, the theme park in Margate has had a major amount of redevelopment carried out in order to modernise the classic British amusement park. There has been some careful renovation work carried out on the vintage rides and a number of modern facilities have been introduced to the park. AECOM redesigned the landscaping for Dream land but also provided engineering, lighting, cost management and wayfinding services as part of the redevelopment of the theme park. Dreamland was first opened to visitors in the 1870s. The park will be readmitting guests this week after the program of works is completed.

In addition to the vintage rides at Dreamland, a 15,000 capacity performance space has been constructed that could be perfect for live music events. There has been a 1.5-hectare public park extension to the 3.5-hectare original site which is a public park and has been designed to for a public amphitheater space for the new Scenic Stage.

AECOMS landscaping plans has required the installation of over 1,000 trees and 60,000 different plants and shrubs that are all well suited to the coastal location of the amusement park. The new landscaping will soften the spaces in between the rides and create a more intimate space. Also new to the freshly developed Margate theme park is new Hollywood-style lettering in the park spelling out Dreamland. There has also been some bespoke lighting created in order to create a festival atmosphere for the site.

It is thought that the reinvention of Margate’s Dreamland theme park will bring back more typical British seaside attraction and appeal to more visitors and offer a bespoke experience for those that visit the park. The theme park has taken inspiration from the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen amongst a number of different locations. Hopefully the investment in to the amusement park’s renovation will breathe a new lease of life in to the park.


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