Dr Geoff Edgell Has Co-Written White Paper With Cliff Fudge

Dr Geoff Edgell Has Co-Written White Paper With Cliff Fudge

Dr Geoff Edgell, the director and principal consultant for construction at Lucideon has co-written white paper with Cliff Fudge, the technical director of H+H UK Limited. The white paper is ‘The Use of Digital Image Correlation in Masonry Research’. The paper explores the use of Digital Image Correlation in a number of different projects using concrete masonry.

Lucideon a materials development and commercialisation organization that operates on an international scale. Lucideon develops and tests materials as well as provides assurance to their clients in a range of different industries such as healthcare and construction. The white paper that has been released is applicable for the construction sector as it looks into the impact of stresses and forces on masonry by using Digital Image Correlation, or DIC.

The white paper was first released in Nova Scotia on the 6th of June this year as a part of the 13th Canadian Masonry Symposium. DIC is being used for the first time as a way to monitor the performance and durability of concrete masonry. Lucideon consistently invest in the latest test rigs and technologies in order to test products out. For requirements that have not yet been met by testing facilities on the market, Lucideon work to develop their own testing methods. H+H UK Limited commissioned the new testing technique with the international material development company, who have invested in DIC in order to deliver a more advanced monitoring and analysis capabilities while also being non-destructive. The technology that Lucideon has access to can be used on site as well as in their multi-storey laboratory facilities.

DIC could help during the construction process when choosing the correct masonry materials for the project. The analysis process will also help companies gain a better understanding how masonry is affected by the transfer of loads and under certain stresses and strains.


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