Doncaster New College Development and Gilberts Ventilation System

Doncaster New College Development and Gilberts Ventilation System

New College in Doncaster is the first Sixth Form College to be open in the town. The development of the college has been rapid, taking only 13 months. The College is ready to open its doors this month and will be managed by the New Collaborative Learning Trust. Doncaster’s New College cost £20 million to build and is a reflection of what fast-track collaborative developments can achieve.

The completed Sixth Form College is 9,450 square meters in size and has been completed through a collaboration between BAM Design and BAM Construction. Gilberts Blackpool, the engineers and manufacturers of Air Distribution products have delivered a state of the art air ventilation system throughout the school.  

Featuring 62 Gilberts standard MFS256 hybrid ventilation units throughout the newly completed college. These units offered a commercially viable heating and ventilation solution that was preferable to more traditional systems. 51 of the units have been installed in the windows by utilizing Gilberts’ WM, or window mounted louvre. This installation ensures a more efficient air ventilation system. A number of other units have been installed into the facade of the building with the use of a unique tailored duct extension.

The state of the art ventilation system has a range of features in order to offer the best air movement throughout the college. There are eight MFS-V turrets fitted to the roof of the college in order to offer better ventilation to the lower two floors of teaching space and the sports hall. In the science rooms at New College, the air ventilation systems have been fitted with a specialised logic that offers an increased level of safety for the classrooms. The units in the science are of the Doncaster college have been connected to the gas, ensuring the at the gas cannot be activated until the ventilation system is on. As an extension of this safety feature extra fresh air is brought in through the system automatically when the fume cupboard is open.


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