DHF Reinforce Improtance of Training After Dodgy Door Company Gains Spotlight

DHF Reinforce Improtance of Training After Dodgy Door Company Gains Spotlight

The Door & Hardware Federation, or dhf, has been emphasising the importance training and the maintenance of standards and compliance in terms of the safe and proper installation of domestic garage doors. This training is also vital for the ongoing maintenance of the garage doors to keep them working as efficiently.


The trade association, dhf, has drawn attention to the importance of training after a report has been released exploring the rogue activity carried out by the garage door company Essati. The news became widespread after a press article was published in the Crusader section of The Express in the 31st of July. This article focused on the experience of the consumer Charlie Ricketts, who spent £800 on a roller garage door and an extended guarantee only for the garage door to break and the repairer removing the door and never returning. Charlie Ricketts was left out of pocket by this encounter and is known to not be the only negative headline generated by Essati.


Before this, in December 2016, the company managed to get themselves on the BBC’s Watchdog Programme. This long running programme offers expert advice to consumers as well as highlighting a number of dodgy traders and their dealings. The dhf were called upon by Watchdog to offer their advice in regards to the bad domestic garage doors. During this coverage, the Technical Expert at dhf, Nick Perkins emphasised the problems and safety hazards caused by the incorrect installation of a garage door. The specialist took part in a voice over commentary of a garage door fitting which fell and injured a person entering the garage. The company involved in the improper installation was a Chelmsford based company who had traded under the names of Essati, Vecelli and Roman, however had the same family members involved in the work.


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