Clippersharp has Begun to Extent its All-New “Arena Light Fitting Service”

The headlines have the new exciting announcement that Clippersharp, a lighting provider and installer for large locations, has begun to extend its all-new “Arena Light Fitting Service,” a form of light installation dedicated to helping ill-equipped customers with lighting large areas of horsing ground. Through this, giant arenas and stables will be brilliantly and efficiently lit by professionals in the trade who will set up the lighting systems with care and precision.

This will come as incredibly welcome news to arenas and areas around the countryside that do not have the appropriate scaffolds in place to set up these important visibility network systems. Clippersharp’s ingenious solution to this problem is to provide the scaffolding and equipment needed for installation themselves, and will enable clients to rest assured that their lights are being properly fitted by a recognized and experienced body of professionals.

Scaffold extensions of up to 4 meters will be available on demand and light fitters will equally be aware of which direction the lights they are fitting will need to be pointing, so that riders, beasts and audiences are not blinded by the mistaken position of a badly installed light. Mister Oliver Goody, an affiliate of Clippersharp, is delighted that this new service is going ahead as planned and feels that, based on his experience of what customers have told him, it will be a well-sought after form of service.

With a large amount of deals and offers open to first-time users of the service, anyone interested is welcome to contact the company to see what sort of services Clippersharp have on offer. What is particularly clear at least is that Clippersharp is throwing itself with the gusto and enthusiasm of a running horse into the New Year ahead by putting in new initiatives such as this all-new lighting service, which is set to no doubt be the talk of the town among the horse and arena community.


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