Charcon Recently Welcomed its New Specification Manager

Charcon Recently Welcomed its New Specification Manager

The landscaping division of Aggregate Industries known as Charcon recently welcomed its new Specification Manager on the first day of this month of February. Ms Patricia Nadinghou is the latest addition to the team and will prove to no doubt play an extremely vital role in the future progression and planned developments of the rest of the company. The fact that the economic conditions and fall-out that has hit Britain has not stopped the building, construction and property development industries from continuing to thrive.

This is particularly the case in the South Eastern regions of the United Kingdom, probably because the effects of economic deprivation are generally less felt in that part of the country anyway, and Ms Nadinghou will be in charge of overseeing Charcon’s important project developments along the M25 motorway, a popular area for property development due to its access to other cities in the South and London. With construction growth at the largest rate in the region of the South East (amounting to an impressive 13.2 per cent), it is clear that Charcon will need the level-headedness and experience of a Specification Manager who knows exactly what to do and how to deal with the bustling amount of development activity in the area. It seems therefore that Ms Nadinghou is the perfect choice for this role: indeed, she was already part of Aggregate Industries at Bradstone International working as a sales manager.

It is thus clear from this that her experience and knowledge of the property and development sector—in addition to her experience working with Aggregate Industries in the past—will be needed in order for Charcon to prosper into the second decade of the 21st Century. She will indeed be the seventh member of the company to have experience in the field, and Clinton Young of Charcon has emphasized his delight that she is now a valued member of the time and is confident that her knowledge and expertise will be put to good use in the South East.


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