Ballymore Declares Most Recent Art Exhibition With City Island

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One of the most successful and lucrative property and development businesses known as Ballymore are delighted to have announced their latest creative venture, an initiative made in conjuncture with London City Island to bring an ambitious artistic project to East London. Together, Ballymore and City Island will open the doors to an artistic exhibition that will be open to the public throughout the year and will ensure that the city is not deprived of artistic endeavor and imagination. To be displayed in the exclusive Arts Club location, the City Island gallery will be in one of the central hubs of the London artistic community and it is hoped that Ballymore will greatly benefit from this joint artistic partnership.

Ballymore and City Island will not be alone in their goal to provide all-year-round artistic brilliance to the London population inhabiting the Eastern areas of the city, and will be aided by other enterprises such as Castle Fine Art as well as Unit G Gallery in making City Island the prime location for art lovers from all over the world to come and investigate in their enthusiastic masses. The exhibition that people can currently look forward to will contain artifacts from artists as diverse as Conrad Armstrong, who works in a variety of artistic mediums, to sculpting artistes Gillian Drinkwater along with Marie-Louise Jones. It is greatly hoped that the new exhibition will encourage artists living in the local area to showcase their work to the rest of the world and gain an enthusiastic and supportive audience base.

With these implementations and initiatives by Ballymore and the continued efforts of the City Island board, the property and development company can remain sure that it will have done its bit to making London’s “Mini Manhattan” the go-to location for lovers of art from all of the country and, for that matter, the world itself.


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