Alpha Rails to Work on Highfields Park Renovations

Alpha Rails to Work on Highfields Park Renovations

A £4.8 million project is being carried out in Nottinghamshire. On the campus of the University of Nottingham, located alongside University Boulevard in Highfields Park. This public park is a Grade II listed park and is one of the most loved parks in the county. The park is undergoing extensive restoration including improving the infrastructure of the location and removing silt from the boating pond.

The extensive renovations are set to go ahead for 42 weeks, with the project expected to be completed by the middle of 2018. The work to bring a new lease of life to the Nottinghamshire park is being funded by Nottingham City County Council, the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Big Lottery Fund’s Parks for People scheme. The main contractor working on the site is Carillion Plc.

Alpha Rail have been awarded a contract for this project that has a value of more than £100,000. This contract is expected to help the company sustain their 50-strong workforce. On this project, Alpha rail will be taking down and replacing existing metal railings and gates where needed as well as carrying out refurbishments for gates and railings that need repair work and repainting. Alpha Rail was first appointed to the project in July.

It is great to see a well-loved park being restored and maintained, however with the lack of funding to carry out these types of projects, the condition of public parks around the UK are under threat. It is vital that work be put in sooner rather than later to refurbish public parks in order to make sure that they are still enjoyable spaces for many more years to come. Support from the Heritage Lottery Fund has been greatly appreciated on this project and it is brilliant to see funding going into boosting the community.


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