St Modwen Dedicated to Renovating and Improving Conditions of Various Storage Locations

St Modwen Dedicated to Renovating and Improving Conditions of Various Storage Locations

St Modwen are a property and development business dedicated to renovating and improving the conditions of various storage locations and industrial set-ups around the United Kingdom and this week once again sees the successful completion of an extra area of a typically ambitious project. A 153,000 square foot location in Tamworth in the county of Staffordshire has recently seen the completion of several new developments on the bustling Centurion Park area, a place which many businesses in the area use for storage and office space. Now that the important steel skeleton for the structure has been successfully implemented by hired professional contractors, the initiative can now take place for the roof and other building work to begin.

In conjunction with the North Warwickshire Borough Council, this impressive renovation initiative will enable the implementation of an extra 200 employment opportunities once it is finally settled in. St Modwen are using the services of contracted company Bowmer & Kirkland in order to complete the works, which will through their excellent and reliable services be finished by the next few months of this very year. This huge initiative has come a long way since the original planning permission for the project was granted way back in June 2016 by the local borough council and has consistently been proven to be a success. Indeed, Mister Jonathan Green a key member of the surveying team at St Modwen’s has been overseeing the project’s progress for a long time and is pleased that it is taking place in such a bustling and popular development environment as Centurion Park, a bastion of industrial progress and renovation in the Midlands area of the country.

Near the vital junction 10 alongside the bustling M42 motorway, Centurion Park is indeed a prime location for businesses to invest in property development and it is clear that the 153,000 square foot area will soon be up for grabs and snapped up very soon by an investing company


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