Saira Hussain Takes Part in House of Commons Housing Debates

Saira Hussain Takes Part in House of Commons Housing Debates

The founder of Hussain Architectural Design, the female-led multi-award winning architectural and planning consultants company, Saira Hussain, was at the House of Commons last week in order to take part in a debate hosted by Virendra Sharma MP and was attended by the MPs Paul Scully, Keith Best, Caroline West and Baroness Verma.

The debate looked at a number of different topics such as immigration, the NHS, Brexit and Housing. It was the last topic that was of particular interest to Saira. While getting involved in the debate about housing, the company said that it has been estimated that 10,000 new homes would need to be built each and every year across the North West of the country in order to keep up with the growing population in this area.

However, it is also believed that house prices will continue to increase. Research has shown that the price of housing will increase by more than a quarter over the course of the next four years as the supply in the industry struggles to meet the demand. The rising house prices and overall lack of availability is making it incredibly difficult for people to get onto the housing ladder. Saira has said that she has spoken to people in the Lancashire and Manchester area of England how are finding it impossible to get onto the housing ladder. Further research has shown that there are severe shortages of homes in some areas of Lancashire.

However, it is all well and good to suggest that we need new housing, but where is the best place for it to be built? The most common response is brownfield sites, convenient land that has already been built on and won’t cause a great deal of offence is built on again. However, this solution will only go so far. Saira Hussain, founder of female-led Hussain Architectural Design has said that there are simply two options to meet the demand for housing as the population continues to expand. These options are either build up; taller and taller buildings filled with housing, or build out, and spread into land other than brown belt in order to make room for enough homes.


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