Saira Hussain Speaks at Parliamentary Debate

Saira Hussain of Hussain Architectural Design Ltd has attended the Houses of Parliament with her colleague Mousaf Chaudhary in order to take part in a debate about Architecture and Wellbeing. The debate was hosted by Rt Hon Keith Vaz who is a Member of Parliament. The panelists for the debate include Dr. David Unwin, the General Practitioner of Norwood Surgery; Lord Clive Brooke, Baron of Alverthorpe and member of the House of Lords; Dr. Aseem Malhotra, Cardiologist; Annie O’Leary an Editor in Chief; Dr. Giles Yeo, Principal Research Associate at the University of Cambridge and Rend Platings a Chief Executive.

Saira has been involved in the past with studying and designing for ‘Architecture & Wellbeing’. Saira has said on this topic that since the 19th century people have learned to fight infectious diseases as well as developing a range of preventative measures that have proven to be effective. A correlation has been found that better buildings and infrastructure being created has led to a decline in incidents of infectious diseases. In the 19th and 20th century the decline in diseases occurred with cholera and tuberculosis. In modern times, the diseases that are more commonly suffered are self-inflicted: heart disease, diabetes and some forms of cancer as well as obesity, all connected to inactive lifestyles. Saira Hussain feels that a building and its everyday uses can promote healthier every day patterns of behaviour.

Saira is the founder of Hussain Architectural Design which is an Architecture and Planning consultancy company. Saira founded her architectural firm in 2011 and has been working for some years that the practice as well as completing her degree at Huddersfield University. Developed since 2011, Hussain Architectural Design, HAD, now has offices in Burnley, Blackburn, Manchester and London. HAD also works to promote women in architecture as well as the construction industry.


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