Rotpunkt hybrid kitchen design Rotpunkt hybrid kitchen design

Rotpunkt new Design Specials for tomorrow’s kitchen

Rotpunkt hybrid kitchen design. Award-winning zero carbon manufacturer of German kitchen furniture give rise to the growing trend for hybrid kitchen design with its latest collection of Design Specials: a series of core elements designed to elevate both the form and function of a contemporary kitchen.

Matt Phillips, Head of UK Operations at Rotpunkt says, “Kitchen designers are pushing the boundaries of open-plan living as consumer demand becomes more home-centered and dividing walls vanish and blended spaces morph and flex to accommodate cooking, dining, socialising, studying and working in one space. This increased desire for bold and creative solutions has led us to develop an innovative range of Design Specials to ensure our kitchen furniture continues to offer creatively beautiful added-extras to further support our customers kitchen wish-lists.”

Rotpunkt hybrid kitchen design

In fact, key design elements which elevate and enhance a rooms décor like statement lighting, reactive storage solutions and intuitive technology are at the forefront of today’s kitchen blueprints. When extra-special design elements are given the same attention as the furniture, you can look towards creating a holistic kitchen which is planet-friendly, future-proof and super-ergonomic as your household’s needs change and develop. “I believe the role of the kitchen will continue to transform as it adapts into a dynamic living space, which now serves as a key player in family-life“ says Matt.

Added to that, the UK property market continued to soar, as new home owners seek to create inviting, customised spaces and you can now choose from the following Design Specials by Rotpunkt:

®      NEW lighting solutions: streamlined industrial-style pendants available in 1200mm and 1500mm lengths to enhance linear block kitchens. The latest in smart-enabled lighting so that you can control your kitchen and living illumination via a digital assistant or your smartphone, helping to make cooking and dining even easier, 24/7.

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®      NEW ceiling frames: canopy storage, which is suspended from the ceiling opens up a whole new design landscape around extractor fans, with room for trailing houseplants or cookware, if required. Drawing the eye upwards, ceiling frames will enhance the height of the room add emphasise the cook zone, so it takes centre-stage for the keen home chef

®      NEW bi-colour styling: make a feature of a must-have two-tone palette with an eye-catching contrast in two heights on an island unit. Available in two heights at 130mm and 260mm, you can choose an option to suit you on notched cabinets, creating a unique look in a rich timber-effect or a dark colour for the ultimate high-fashion feel.

®      NEW footings: ensure that your kitchen has the perfect silhouette from top to toe with the latest gable-end footings for a space-saving ‘floating’ effect which is more refined than the traditional plinth or kickboard. When coupled with wafer-thin surfaces and extra-height storage, you can enjoy storage which is at a comfortable height as well as giving you up to 16% more storage capacity than a standard kitchen unit.

Rotpunkt hybrid kitchen design

“In line with the belief that the kitchen is an organic part of the home which is integral to the fabric of family life in the 21st century, our drive to innovate is always balanced by practical considerations and the latest technology. We pride ourselves on creating high-quality hybrid furniture which is supportive, sustainable and trendsetting so that we are always ahead of the curve as a market leader” says Matt.

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