Redevelopment of Grade II Listed Building is Taking Place

Redevelopment of Grade II Listed Building is Taking Place

Horsforth Mill is a Brownfield site in Leeds which is in the process of being developed into luxury residential accommodation. The redevelopment of the Grade II listed building is taking place with the assistance of offsite building methods that are being utilised more and more in the construction industry in order to save time and reduce consts during the construction process. It is thought that these offsite modern methods of construction will be an ideal solution going forward for historic renovation projects.

Fusion Building Systems has been contracted by Landstock Developments (Northern) Ltd to design and manufacture a steel superstructure as part of the renovation works taking place on the Leeds site. Fusion has been working with Landstock, who will be carrying out the construction work on the project in partnership with Khalsmith Ltd, since before work on the site began in order to design a light gauge steel superstructure that will be the basis for one of the two buildings on the brownfield site.

The steel superstructure is being used in this project because of the flexibility of the construction method. This manufacturing process undertaken by Fusion will allow different features of the project to be tailored and included, making the construction process more adaptable than before. In future developments it has been predicted that there will be more and more emphasis on the offsite construction techniques in order to offer more customisable construction. Modern methods of construction are progressing and being used more frequently.

Fusion has delivered to site the first floor ‘cassettes’ and is now working as part of an agreed 18 week work programme using the latest technology in offsite design and construction in order to manufacture a five-storey structure while allowing the restoration specialists from Landstock to carry out the rest of the construction work on the site.


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