One of the Leading Architectural Solutions Providers Will be Holding a Number of National Workshops

One of the Leading Architectural Solutions Providers Will be Holding a Number of National Workshops

Yesterday, one of the leading architectural solutions providers revealed that in light of the horrendous events at Grenfell, they will be holding a number of national workshops looking at fire safety in the building industry. Trimo has been operating since 1961, which means that they have over 50 years of knowledge developed in the cladding industry that can be used in order to offer advice and reassurance. The building envelope solutions provider is known for their sustainable and reliable services as well as their drive for development and focus on the future.

The national CPD certified workshops will work to develop fire safety even further in the building sector and make sure that going forward, fire safety is always kept as a top priority on all building and development projects in the future. These workshops will cover a wide range of different topics including amongst others: insurance, for testing, materials, installation and building regulations. Following the awful events at Grenfell, and the cladding test failures that have since been widely reported, businesses in the construction industry are looking for ways to gain reassurance of their fire safety knowledge. Attending certified workshops will also allow reassure customers, showing that the business is doing everything it can to make sure they are aware of the latest information, legislation and safety procedures.

The CPD-certified workshops that are being offered by Trimo will make sure that the industry is learning from the recent disaster and making sure that fire safety in the construction industry is developed even further in order to prevent horrific events like Grenfell from happening again in the future.

The sessions on offer from Trimo will also allow companies to raise concerns and ask questions in regards to fire safety, and then receive answers from industry experts at an accredited event to offer extra reassurance going forward.


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