One of the Largest Material Handling Companies Has Been Given 100 Design Awards

One of the Largest Material Handling Companies Has Been Given 100 Design Awards

One of the largest material handling companies in the UK has been given more than 100 design awards over the course of the company’s operations. Crown has managed to claim more than 100 different international awards which means that the company has established an award winning reputation for their product design and cutting edge technology. The company specialise in delivering a wide range of different forklifts, automation and fleet management services for their clients.

The business has managed to acquire a vast number of design awards over the years, which is a great testimony of their state of the art designs and and products. However amazing these awards are, the company still states that the number of awards that they have won over the years is not the most important figure for measuring their success. Crown focus on making sure that the operators of their equipment continue to have an input in the design of the forklifts and other equipment, as well as how the operators benefit from the products that are produced by the company. These consideration are slightly more difficult to quantify however the company continue to focus on how their products can best suit those that will be using them. This viewpoint will keep the custom that they have managed to build up since the company was first established in 1965 as well as appeal to other operators wanting more tailored equipment.

Crown employs over 13,000 people worldwide in more than 500 different retail locations across 80 different countries. Crown have their global headquarters in New Bremen, Ohio. The company also has more regional headquarters located in Australia, China, Germany and Singapore. The company aim to create vehicles that are highly visible in order to improve safety on location, and versatile easy to operate equipment that has a range of hydraulic performance which will improve the operator’s experience.


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