JO&JOE’s Intention of Meeting the Expectations Of Millennials

JO&JOE's Intention of Meeting the Expectations Of Millennials

JO&JOE was launched in 2016 with the intention of meeting the expectations of Millennials or in fact anyone who embraces an attitude for sharing, spontaneity and experiences. This is the latest addition to AccorHotels’ Economy Brand. The new concept for hospitality mixes the best aspects of hotels, hostels and private rentals.

JO&JOE provides a completely different experience for design, food & drink and customer service. The brand aims to disrupt and look at hospitality from a new prospective. JO&JOE intend on expanding rapidly, as they have 50 destinations that they plan to be set up in by 2020. In the nearer future, Paris and Bordeaux are next for new developments, with Budapest, Edinburgh, Lille, Rio and Berlin to follow.

The first of AccorHotel’s new brand is meant to open on the 29th May in Hossegor. For the first JO&JOE Open House, the brand has teamed up with Quicksilver and Roxy, the iconic surfwear brands. The aim of this new concept is to create an authentic new experience for a wide group of people.

Hossegor was chosen as the ideal destination for the first opening of the JO&JOE hospitality concept as it is a popular area for surfers as well as a popular millennial destination. The development began with a vast building that was constructed in the local style and also has a 10,000 sq. m. garden. The spaces are mainly open, with a big connection to the outdoors and flexible furniture for the guests to relax. There are a variety of different sleeping accommodations on offer which is open to suit all needs. The Together sleeping area can accommodate 7 to 12 people, the Out of the Ordinary us a unique space for up to 10, and the Yours spaces sleep 2 to 5 people.

The Open House was created in just three months, and has led to 15-20 jobs being created. The scale of expansion planned by JO&JOE could mean that this number of new jobs will significantly increase as their locations do.


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