Furniture Specialist BA Shares the 2022 Bedroom Trends

Furniture Specialist BA Shares the 2022 Bedroom Trends

BA, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of factory-built, bespoke and made-to-measure kitchens and bedrooms and specialist components reveal the latest furniture trends, which are set to influence the UK bedroom and wardrobe market in 2022-23.

Nuala Brady, Group Marketing Manager at BA says: “Given how lifestyles have changed in the last two years, flexible design solutions have really come into their own, becoming a great way to add value in the bedroom and cater to the virtues of hybrid living as more people work from home. As dedicated office space is now a real consideration, 2022-bedroom trends are placing an emphasis on multilateral design schemes that are tailored to both the space and individual.

If we consider the last two years alone, then the bedroom has become ‘all things to all people’ and key areas of focus will prioritise well-considered door design and furniture suites, which capitalise on every inch of available storage space.”

Find out how you can ensure your bedroom and wardrobe space is on trend in 2022-23, with the following advice by BA:

Doors: Enhanced by a range of accessories and interior options, we are finding that sliding doors remain the front-runners in the lifestyle bedroom thanks to their space saving qualities. Where a hinged pocket-style door requires enough space to swing open, sliding doors operate sideways and this makes them the ideal solution in the compact bedroom, guest room and more recently, home office. Bi-fold doors are just as practical, regarded in the bedroom as a low maintenance solution that provides easy access to the full width of your closet with half the floor space: especially when compared to a hinged door arrangement.

Style: The love for contemporary and traditional bedrooms continues in equal measure, however we are seeing new appetite for the blended space, which is taking elements from both interior styles to create one complete look. For instance, the slab door usually associated with contemporary bedroom schemes is now being paired with classic wood finishes and decorative hardware and this is helping to bridge the gap between old and new. More recently, we are noting a desire for opposing furniture styles in the same scheme where different doors like slab and in-frame are now coming together to create a bedroom that is designed for all.

Colours & Finishes: The neutral colour palette remains a timeless choice in the bedroom with core classics like white, light grey and blonde woods being paired with subtle pastel shades like blush pink and denim blue. Different surface treatments are also making a feature of the wardrobe door, adding new levels of design and durability in the bedroom with ultra gloss and matt finishes becoming the most popular in more contemporary décors for adding personality and visual depth.

Layout: With many wardrobes occupying the majority of space in the bedroom, we are finding that combination furniture designs that accommodate ‘his and her’ storage is on the rise, and this is welcoming innovative interior solutions to help keep you organized behind the door. Full-height wardrobes are therefore dominating the bedroom market, with the addition of both single and double hanging space helping to cater to all types of clothing, from shirts and jackets through to evening dresses and winter coats that require the full height of a wardrobe.

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