Deal Between Landid and Austin Fraser

Deal Between Landid and Austin Fraser

It has been reported today that the deal between Landid and Austin Fraser has been secured in order to ensure the prosperity of the company and its workers by planning to install a new base in the area of Reading, Berkshire. By moving to this new area, Austin Fraser will be able to devote over 100 of its fully qualified employees to the infrastructure of the other in a structure made up of 195,000 square feet in total. This plan will be put and place and set to ensure that Austin Fraser have a sure footing in the area for the next decade. Through its commitment to investigating all new forms of technology, the firm known as Austin Fraser has been powering the technological and digital industries over the course of its establishment since the year 2007, about 10 years ago.

Mister Peter Hart, the chief executive officer at Austin Fraser is confident that the company’s consistent commitment to developing the science industries will put them in good stead for their future in the vicinity of Reading. This corroborates smoothly with the words of Mister James Silver of Landid, who is pleased that a company as prestigious as Austin Fraser will benefit from locating itself to the all-new Thames Tower development building.

Located in front of the refurbished Reading train station, which has witnessed repairs in view of no less than 800 million pounds, the Thames Tower building will be ideal for commuters and workers at Austin Fraser, equally due to the town’s own relative proximity to the London capital. This new move will ensure that the company is well placed for the many advantages of being close to London and Reading town itself, as Mister Tom Fletcher an alumni of Austin Fraser explains, prides itself with having some of the greatest office locations for business and development in the entire country.


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