Best Camera for Architectural Photography

Best Camera for Architectural Photography

High quality photography is really important for an architect and his creation as it is the sample that appears in the glossy magazines, in the galleries of digital publications, and in online portfolios. Choosing the right camera however, can be confusing with the multitude of options available together with the technical jargon that includes aperture, ISO, shutter-speed, etc.

The architect Eric Reinholdt decided to help his fellow practitioners and professionals and made two videos that explain and summarise the options out there and which ones he thinks are the best ones. In the first part he makes it clear that he prefers a digital SLR camera that offers a 20+ megapixel image quality and a range of larger aperture lenses with added versatility. These aspects are crucial features for large format digital publishing and printing. From the brands that are out there he mentions that his favourites are Canon and Nikon because of their broad range of upgrades and accessories.

The second video offers more information on specific products needed, such as lenses that provide detailed, video, and wide angled shots or an adjustable pistol grip tripod suitable for capturing any angle possible. He reinforces the ‘must buy’ of every product, which is wide angle lenses, which are essential in architectural photography. Eric also compares the prime lens with a zoom lens and the shots they produce.

Those interested in purchasing a camera or who are not happy about the one they already own, can find the videos on Eric’s Youtube channel called 30X40 Design Workshop. Aspiring photographers or students might also find these videos interesting and beneficial because they offer a full discussion on cameras and equipment selections.


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