Bath Area Development Firm to Work in Historical Location

Bath Area Development Firm to Work in Historical Location

Property enhancement company Kersfield have the good fortune of having their headquarters in the historic city of Bath, and are due to add to the beautiful scenery with their own habitation creation scheme.

The company is in collaboration with MEO Projects to put forward the construction of four new accommodation sites in the surrounding area of Beckford’s Gate, a site of extreme socio-political interest to historians around Britain and the attraction of tourists from all over the globe to Bath itself. Named after the historical figure William Beckford, the gate dates from as far back as the 19th Century and allows for an entire panoramic sight of Bath as well as the beautiful Somerset terrain.

Kersfield’s up and coming project will be built in conjunction with the historical style of the period (Georgian that is) and will result in the demolition of what was before, a misplaced household styled to the 1960s. Such a strange conflation of periods will be exterminated by the implementation of a more faithful architectural design that fits much better within the purview of the Georgian landmark itself. Beckford’s Gate itself will be refurbished appropriately as it has suffered a lot of damage in the last few centuries, and the accommodation site itself will be more than four storeys high, but will be designed in a way so as not to impinge on the natural beauty of the Bath location. Kersfield will ensure this by working closely with the Bath Preservation Trust, and have already announced plans to install more trees and vegetation in parts of Beckford’s Gate so that the new structures will not detract from the aesthetic beauty of the location, nor will it prove to be an eyesore to visiting tourists and locals. Scheduled to be finished in the spring season of the year 2018, David Newton of Kersfield expresses his happiness that the plans have gone smoothly so far and is confident that the installation will be a success.


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