ARCHICADⓇ Software Was Announced on the 14th Of June

ARCHICADⓇ Software Was Announced on the 14th Of June

The new ARCHICADⓇ software was announced on the 14th of June. The globally known Building Information Modelling System provider, GRAPHISOFTⓇ has announced the release of their new software which has been created in order to allow architects the ability to use Building Information Modelling, or BIM solutions while designing. GRAPHISOFTⓇ has released that they have begun the  ARCHICADⓇ rollout operation. As part of this operation the software will be available globally.

GRAPHISOFTⓇ was the one of the first companies to get the BIM solutions moving in 1984 with the release of the first version of ARCHICADⓇ. This software was the first of its kind to be created for architects. Since 1984, GRAPHISOFT has been at the forefront of the development of BIM solutions and have released a range of different products in order to expand the usage of BIM including EcoDesigner STAR, which was the first completely BIM-integrated “green” design system ever created. The main aim of GRAPHISOFT is to make BIM solutions common practice for the design and construction of property.

The shipping of the new version of the ARCHICADⓇ software starts with International, German and Austrian versions. The US version of the software is expected to be released for shipping on the 19th of June, and French, UK and Ireland versions of the software planned to be released soon after. The company plan on releasing 28 local versions of the software.

The ARCHICADⓇ 21 features a Stair and Railing Tool, allowing architects and users the opportunity design one of the most complex part of the building. The Stair Tool has been long awaited by users of the BIM software and it is thought that the update will improve the functioning of the ARCHICADⓇ programme. Designing the staircase of the building is thought to be one of the most difficult tasks in architecture, and now the BIM solution has the capacity to undertake that task, as well as offering a separate tool for the Railings in the property being designed.


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