50,000 Tiles Hand Crafted By the Tile Manufactures Brookhurst

50,000 Tiles Hand Crafted By the Tile Manufactures Brookhurst

Around 50,000 tiles have been hand crafted by the tile manufacturers Brookhurst to be used on a property development in West Sussex. Brookhurst created the plain clay tiles in order to install them on a Scandia-Hus which is located in the countryside of West Sussex. The property was designed to sit on the location of a small cottage and surrounding orchard. Planning permission was granted for a development that would create a Scandinavian style property that has been built using state of the art Swedish technology. The small cottage that previously sat on this location was demolished in order to make way for the Scandia-Hus.

Scandia-Hus work to deliver a range of uniquely designed properties that use swedish technology in order to make sure that the properties they develop are energy saving while still making the most of traditionally British architecture features. The finished Scandia-Hus property complies with the strictest requirements of the Code for Sustainable Homes. The property has been built using the timber framing and energy efficient materials and processes.

Brookhurst’s Tiles have been produced using the best standard of clay, which are moulded and then fired using a processes that have gradually evolved since 3rd millennium BC. Although these tiles are created using traditional processes, they also fit in with the BSEN 538 and 539 which assures for durability as well as protection from the weather. Brookhurst offers a range of different tiles that are available in nine different colours as standard, with the colours formed by the location in relation to the flame when the tiles are fired.

In order to create the property, a number of different contractors have been called in in order to utilise their expertise and make the Scandia-Hus the best is possibly can be. The Brookhurst Tiles have been supplied to the project by Brian Gow Roofing Supplies Ltd and Storm Roofing was also brought in as the company has previous experience working on Scandinavian inspired property builds.


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