<strong>5 of the latest design trends in high-end property development</strong> <strong>5 of the latest design trends in high-end property development</strong>

5 of the latest design trends in high-end property development

Design trends come and go and it’s our job as designers to identify which trends have staying power and which will be old news in a few short months.

Style and longevity are important when you’re designing high-end property developments.

The client expects a long-lasting design that stays relevant for the longest time to help them sell or lease the property.

The end user expects high-end design because they are paying for the privilege and usually have much higher expectations of a property.

With all that in mind, coming up with 5 design trends that are current and will also last a reasonable amount of time is a tough ask.

But we’re up to the challenge!

What follows are what we consider 5 of the latest design trends for high-end property development that will last the test of time.

Wine storage in or near the kitchen

Nothing says high-end like a wine cellar, but not many properties can have a cellar. Upscale wine storage in or near the kitchen is the next best thing.

We’re not talking about a small wine chiller kitchen designers use to fill awkward spaces. We’re talking about a full size chilled cupboard purpose-built for keeping wine at the perfect temperature.

The great thing about wine storage is that it can be created in a multitude of designs as it’s essentially storage with temperature control.

It looks as good with contemporary stainless steel smooth lines as it does with dark wood baroque styling.

Open floor plan

The open floor plan is a design trend that has remained popular for over 20 years now and shows no signs of going anywhere soon.

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While there is a move towards closing off some spaces, an open floor plan offers too many upsides. That’s especially true if you have large windows that offer multiple aspect views.

Open floor plans aren’t just for high-end properties, but they often have the advantage of higher ceilings, upmarket wood flooring and a range of decorative features, either as part of the fabric or added by designers.

Either way, match an open floor plan with dark wood floors, dual aspect reproduction sash windows, arches with detailing and perhaps some coving and you have an amazing space to spend time.

Home gyms

Home gyms tend to be in higher end properties because they require space that such properties can spare.

If you can build a gym with character, they are even more effective. That means avoiding the obvious mirrored walls in favour of Japanese Shoji screens, dark wood panelling, floor to ceiling windows, sliding doors or something else entirely.

The further away from a gym it looks, despite the equipment, the more effective the end result will be.

Designing a home gym is a tough ask. It can go too easily towards the commercial gym unless you consider clever storage, mats and lighting. Get it right and nothing says a high-end property like a gym!

Mural walls

Mural walls have been around for thousands of years for good reason. Done well, they can look amazing and genuinely transform a space.

Fortunately, the feature wall phase of the early 21st century didn’t do the mural wall any harm at all. It only differentiated good taste from not-so-good taste.

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When planning mural walls, consider wallpaper, metal wall panels in aged copper or aged brass, wood carving or something else entirely.

Much will depend on your budget. Metals can be relatively cost effective while carved wood can be exceptionally expensive.

Choose carefully, use the right colour and material for the space and you could transform the room!


Sustainability is everywhere right now and is a relatively recent trend that isn’t going anywhere soon.

Fortunately, designers now have any number of sustainable materials, products and furniture to choose from. Recycled wood, upcycled furniture, OEKO-TEX fabrics and natural fibres are just a few of your options.

There’s also a big move away from flat pack disposable furniture to vintage and recycled furniture.

Thick wood, proper manufacture, long-lasting and full of character. It’s a great excuse to go shopping on Portobello Road or for a sneaky shopping trip to a French brocante!

Design trends for high-end property

There is huge scope for designers and property owners to help their properties stand out at the higher end of the scale.

Everything from décor to lighting, furniture to flooring can mark a property out as something special. The good news is, it doesn’t always have to cost more.

Some intelligent planning, clever shopping and using the right colours and textures in the right place can make all the difference!