Sahel Majali Explains How Drone Technology is Changing Construction

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Mid Group was one of the first UK construction groups to see the potential of drone technology to improve projects and over the last few years, drones have become an increasingly common sight at construction sites.

Site Surveying

Drone surveys enable a single drone operator to create accurate height maps of large sites in a matter of hours using aerial photography and laser topography, with minimal training.

Survey drone flights can be planned and flown automatically, and with thermal scanning equipment can even be used to identify heating issues in construction and building defects. Drones are particularly useful when surveying remote or difficult to navigate sites and can be used to survey tall structures and sites without the need to find or construct the necessary vantage points for traditional surveying.

Site Management

Drones can also be used to inspect sites, manage traffic and potential hazards, and keep track of supplies and logistics.

Drone flights enable site managers to quickly inspect key points and work areas with less disruption to work, and regular flights across the project can provide vital early updates on potential safety problems, traffic flow and supply routes, as well as enabling supplies distributed over a wide area to be easily counted. In addition to avoiding reduced productivity due to shortages, this information can also improve the accuracy of project budgeting.

Site Safety

Drone usage can improve the safety of construction sites by allowing difficult to reach areas and tall structures to be inspected remotely from any angle. Contractors and specialists can get detailed information and images of critical or high-risk tasks in real time from drone footage, enabling them to better advise workers and respond to problems.

Marketing and Communication

Drone video and photography allows contractors to capture high quality images and footage of the site’s progress to show investors and developers, and use as marketing material. Tools such as drones can also provide detailed progress reports to maintain the confidence of clients who are unable to visit the site in person.

Sahel Majali Bio

Sahel Majali has strived to take advantage of revolutionary technology in construction projects throughout his more than three decades of experience.

Sahel Majali is Chairman of the Mid Group. Established in 2014, the Mid Group is a fast-growing construction group providing dynamic offsite construction and development solutions.

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