Artificial Grass VS Real Grass, the benefits of Real Grass

Technology has affected everyday life in the home, whether its mobile phones, digital showers, Smart TV’s or even Artificial Grass. First discovered in the 1960’s, it was first used in sports stadiums across America – today however, it is making a big impact in the lawns and gardens of people across the UK.

Typically, high quality artificial turf uses tire cord the backing, whilst the individual ‘blades’ of grass are used from nylon or polypropylene. If you have a landscaping project at the moment, it can be difficult to decide whether or not to choose an artificial lawn, or a real lawn. This article hopes to make that decision a little easier!

Benefits of Real Grass

Better for the environment –

Real Grass is better for the environment on so many different levels. The average piece of lawn provides enough oxygen each year to allow a family of four to breath, and an average sized healthy piece of lawn can capture almost 140 kg of carbon in the same period of time. When this calculation is upscaled, an area of grass the size of a football field, offsets the carbon produced by a single car travelling 3,000 miles.

Artificial Grass of course, cannot provide these benefits.

Water & Drainage Management –

Managing water & drainage is another area where real grass outperforms artificial grass. Experts have often linked the recent flooding in the UK with the decrease in lawns in gardens. As well as absorbing lots of rainwater, preventing runoff and flooding in lower lying areas – areas of lawn also filter water through the soil, preventing pollutants from accessing the water table.

Noise Management –

Unlike hard surfaces, Grass also plays an important role in reducing noise pollution. Unlike hard surfaces, grass absorbs noise. With noise pollution being a major environmental problem as well as get busier – this is welcome news.

Stress & Wellbeing –

It’s a fact that green spaces reduce stress levels and improve wellness. Multiple studies have shown this, and as well as grass – plants go one step further in reducing tension, improving attention and reducing feelings of anxiety and anger. The University of California showed that patients who had access to, or could see green spaces recovered quicker than those with no view of green spaces.

Keeping you fit –

Whilst some will undoubtedly view maintaining a lawn a huge chore, we should see it as an opportunity to keep fit. Every hour of grass cutting done, equals around 350 calories burnt – so you can even cut down on your gym visits!

The Feeling between your toes –

There’s nothing better than walking on a beautifully maintained area of Grass. Soft, healthy looking green grass is very therapeutic and should be enjoyed!

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