Barratt Developments Working to Expand Their Current Supply Roster
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Barratt Developments Working to Expand Their Current Supply Roster

Barratt Developments are working to expand their current supply roster. The Largest producer of new build houses in the UK, Barratt has been looking for sub-contractors in Fife in order to increase the number of suppliers they have connections with. The housebuilding company is looking for sub-contractors across Fife in order to help Barratt try and meet their ambitious growth plans this year.

Barratt Developments plc, which owns Barratt and David Wilson Homes, are looking to make sure that they have the correctly skilled workforce in place to meet the construction needs of the new build market. The number of new homes being built is increasing in order to meet the demand for housing and the lack of affordable housing, therefore, Barratt is expanding their business in order to support the existing network of sub-contractors that they have. The house builders have a number of new developments that will be beginning this year, which is another reason why they are looking to increase their sub-contractor base.

Barratt Developments are looking to make connections with anyone from sole traders right up to larger companies in order to expand their workforce. Any person or company that are looking to provide trade services to the domestic building sector has been encouraged by the company to get in touch with them. The invitation for the search has been made to companies or persons who have worked with the house building company before, or those that are new to Barratt Developments; there has also been a call to those offering trade services to the commercial industry and are looking to diversify in to house building. Trades that are being looked for by Barratt Developments are wide ranging and includes electricians, plumbers, decorators, joiners, roofers, scaffolders brick layers and mastic sealant contractors. It is recommended that anyone who believes they are suitable should get in touch with Barratt Developments.

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