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One of the UK’s leading modular build specialists is using its expertise gained during the global pandemic, to build new Covid-19 test centres across the UK, on behalf of the Department of Health and Social Care. With current Covid-19 test centres operating at maximum capacity across the UK, Elliott UK will deliver the new purpose-built facilities to locations ranging from Keele in Staffordshire to Stirling in Scotland. The primary aim is to construct the facilities at pace, to meet the…

Corporate Social Responsibility

Rural homelessness doubles since 2018 according to rural campaigners

‘Investing in affordable rural housing will level up and turbo charge the rural economy’ according to new research from CPRE, the countryside charity, English Rural and the Rural Services Network Homelessness in rural areas has more than doubled in the past two years, according to analysis of government figures from CPRE, the countryside charity. These stark figures come as CPRE, English Rural and the Rural Services Network launch new economic analysis, which shows that investing in affordable housing in rural…

Property Renovation & Refurbishment

Home Renovations and their High Returns

Did you head into 2020 with the motivation to turn your dream home into a reality? Feeling comfortable is extremely important when thinking about renovating your home. If a certain aspect or room is looking a little dull these days, improve it — it will make you much happier! There are many renovations which will make your home look very pleasing to live in, but also ensure that the value of your property goes up. Renovations help homeowners as it…

Garden & Lanscaping

Cleaning and maintaining your garden for the summer

We are finally saying goodbye to the winter and saying hello to the spring and summertime. With that in mind, it’s time to start planning some cleaning and to maintain your garden, so it looks great for the warmer months. Year on year, the British public wastes £672 million on our gardens because we don’t know how to take care of them throughout the winter period. To make the most out of the spring and summer months, it’s best to…

Business, Money, Legal & Jobs

How to deal with undeclared rental income

Before we go into the specifics, there are a number of key points that you need to acknowledge when it comes to dealing with undeclared rental income: It is now more important than ever to ensure your tax affairs are up to date. Government systems are much improved and offer greater visibility on individuals who are not up to date.If you have only recently acquired a rental property, it may be possible to get things up to date by completing…

Business, Money, Legal & Jobs

How do we manage high populations in megacities?

Cities across the world are expanding, as well as the populations within them.  In 2017, the World Economic Forum focused on the issue, with more than half of the planet’s population city dwellers, with this set to rise by 2030. The World Economic Forum in 2017 highlighted to world leaders the growing issue of cities. That is, that cities across the world are becoming incredibly densely populated — little over half of the world’s population make their homes within cities,…

Plant & Machinery

Aiding the environment with Bio-LNG Trucks

Flogas UK are using Bio-LNG powered trucks in a bid to help reduce carbon emissions. The business and domestic energy supplier have added two of these vehicles to their fleet, suggesting that they provide an 80 per cent reduction in carbon emissions compared to the conventional diesel engine alternative. The two vehicles are part of Flogas’ 2040 ambition to provide customers with 100 per cent renewable energy solutions. Flogas’ extensive fleet of vehicles already includes a range of dual fuel…

Property & Facilities Management

Does improving the home boost the construction sector?

As a nation, we love to redecorate — that’s according to research claiming that the average Brit redecorates their home about 36 times in their lifetime with each project typically taking 18 days to finish. Data from the Office for National Statistics has also predicted that those in the UK collectively spend almost £30 billion on home improvements annually. That works out at £43 million each week! Surely, these figures prove that traders in the construction industry must be making…


Environment friendly construction

Sometime in the future, we will reach our oil consumption in the next 20 years. Though, the oil demand has risen as the global production of oil decreases. On top of this, the construction industry requires most of its energy sources from oil based fuels. Crude oil is relied heavily upon, in the western world and this is especially the case within the construction sector. The reasons for this is because oil is used within the processes that allow construction…

Architecture & Design

Ways architects achieve temperature regulation for buildings through design

Beautiful buildings are a sight to behold, but there’s no sense in having an exquisite build that doesn’t keep its occupants comfortable. The primary purpose of a building is, of course, to be used by people after all. Therefore, temperature control is one of the most crucial aspects of building design. A controlled inner climate can be achieved and supported in part by architectural decisions. But it’s not a one-design-fits-all scenario. In this article, we’re exploring the different methods deployed…