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Top 5 Home Security Gadgets for Your Property

Choosing what security you want for your home can be a tricky business, with the rise of smart security saturating the market like never before. Still, it may be surprising to learn that only 40% of British homeowners actually have a burglar alarm installed, and a third of those homeowners regularly neglecting to set the alarm. That remaining 60% may have other security measures in place, though, and while a burglar alarm offers the most significant improvements to a property’s…

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Could a change in the law be the answer to the UK’s vacant property crisis?

The current property crisis, more acute than it has been in living memory, straddles the public and the private sector. Theresa May’s social housing business plan has given the illusion of progress, but, in reality, the number of new social homes being built has been on a steep decline since the 1950s. Certain political milestones have exacerbated this social housing shortage. Council tenants having permission to purchase their homes under Thatcher’s government might have prompted a spike in private ownership,…

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Planning Permission Success in National Parks is More Common Than You May Think

Government data shows that district planning authority applications in national parks are seeing some of the best success rates in England. Are our parks being properly protected? National Parks are Britain’s breathing spaces; a place where unspoilt greenery is enjoyed by young and old. Despite this, data uncovered by Pure Commercial Finance has shown that carefully considered planning applications to planning authorities in these areas are seeing great results. According to government live tables, in the year ending 31st March…