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Architecture & Design

How To Use 2021 Colours Of The Year In Your Kitchen & Bathroom

As 2021 gets off to an uncertain start, Dulux and Pantone have released their 2021 Colours of the Year to help inspire homeowners decorate and transform their homes. There are many ways that these colours can be used stylishly in any style of home and any type of room. If you are considering decorating in the new year, some of the most useful things to do is check out the latest trends for 2021. What are the colours of the…


Interior Design Trends 2020: Top 10 Must See Home Decorating Ideas

The year 2020 has been a historic year. There were so many changes with the new normal being adopted this year. Like everything else, interior design has also evolved and reincarnated concepts and ideas, embracing the changes and modifications that this year has brought. It is fascinating that patterns and florals are making a comeback. Minimalists and functional designs are also huge on the line-up—the year 2020 in interior design seemed to have bid goodbye to metal and metallic hues.…

Property Renovation & Refurbishment

Zuneth Sattar: Guide to Investing in UK Property Development

With 2.5 million investors today, the UK property development sector has delivered impressive returns over the past two decades. Buying into bricks-and-mortar has particular appeal to UK investors, with demand vastly outstripping supply. The property sector has two distinct but equally compelling inducements for investors. Firstly, capital appreciation ensures that property value increases over time, enabling purchasers to sell investments either individually or as part of a portfolio at later date, realising substantial gains. The second lure of property development…

Business, Money, Legal & Jobs

Morley Glass crusher reaches 200 tonne recycling landmark

Integral blinds specialist Morley Glass & Glazing has prevented more than 200 tonnes of post-consumer glass from going to landfill and 64,226kg of CO2 emissions from going into the atmosphere, whilst raising money for “green” projects. The recycling landmark has been reached after the sealed unit manufacturer dedicated part of its Leeds manufacturing space earlier this year to serve as a collection centre for waste glass or “cullet”, which it then returns to Saint-Gobain Glass to be reused in the…

Planning & Developments

Co-Living London housing trend continues surge with Gravity Coliving’s announcement of two new buildings in Camden

The surge in demand for high-end co-living accommodation has been underlined with two further complex openings in central London. Gravity Coliving, one of Europe's fastest growing property companies, revealed details about the two new buildings to PAD. "Our Camden Lock complex is just a five-minute walk from Camden Town tube," said Riccardo Tessaro. "It offers luxury two bedroom, two bathroom apartments, featuring an open-plan kitchen and balcony with city views and high-end amenities." "All our rooms are in a fully…

Architecture & Design

The Record-Breaking Ciel Hotel from The First Group, Dubai Based Property Company

Ground has been broken on construction of the new Ciel hotel in Dubai Marina, with the final concrete pour for the foundations scheduled for early September 2020. Ground is not the only thing that will be broken – once complete, the building will break the record for the tallest hotel in the world, at a planned height of 360 metres. The 82-storey building is being constructed by Dubai based property developers The First Group, as a flagship development of the…


Sahel Majali Explains How Drone Technology is Changing Construction

Mid Group was one of the first UK construction groups to see the potential of drone technology to improve projects and over the last few years, drones have become an increasingly common sight at construction sites. Site Surveying Drone surveys enable a single drone operator to create accurate height maps of large sites in a matter of hours using aerial photography and laser topography, with minimal training. Survey drone flights can be planned and flown automatically, and with thermal scanning…

Business, Money, Legal & Jobs

Three Ways to Promote Your Business Effectively

Starting a business is not an easy thing to do, but continuously promoting it is another story. There are many businesses out there that are struggling to meet sales quotas every day so they can continue selling their products and keep their people employed. One of the traditional ways of promoting your business is by spreading the word effectively through the use of wide roller banners and other marketing tools. As a business owner, it is essential that you do…

Business, Money, Legal & Jobs

Who Are the Participants in the Forex Market?

Successful trading in the foreign exchange market is knowledge of the psychology and motives of its participants to a large extent. To understand this, you need to find out who is involved in trading on the Forex market and what functions they perform. This knowledge will give you a basis on which you will be able to build an understanding of market processes that move the price chart and make money on trading. In the future, it will help to…

Property & Facilities Management

How to Keep Your Boiler in Great Condition Year-Round

A well-maintained boiler not only keeps you warm and comfortable in winter -- it also costs less to run and is significantly less likely to develop leaks, damaged components and other common problems. Whether your goal is to save money or avoid last-minute calls to the boiler repair specialists, it’s always best to keep your boiler maintained and in top condition. Below, we’ve listed seven ways to keep your boiler in great condition in any season, from summer to the…