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Sahel Majali Explains How Drone Technology is Changing Construction

Mid Group was one of the first UK construction groups to see the potential of drone technology to improve projects and over the last few years, drones have become an increasingly common sight at construction sites. Site Surveying Drone surveys enable a single drone operator to create accurate height maps of large sites in a matter of hours using aerial photography and laser topography, with minimal training. Survey drone flights can be planned and flown automatically, and with thermal scanning…

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Three Ways to Promote Your Business Effectively

Starting a business is not an easy thing to do, but continuously promoting it is another story. There are many businesses out there that are struggling to meet sales quotas every day so they can continue selling their products and keep their people employed. One of the traditional ways of promoting your business is by spreading the word effectively through the use of wide roller banners and other marketing tools. As a business owner, it is essential that you do…

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Who Are the Participants in the Forex Market?

Successful trading in the foreign exchange market is knowledge of the psychology and motives of its participants to a large extent. To understand this, you need to find out who is involved in trading on the Forex market and what functions they perform. This knowledge will give you a basis on which you will be able to build an understanding of market processes that move the price chart and make money on trading. In the future, it will help to…

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How to Keep Your Boiler in Great Condition Year-Round

A well-maintained boiler not only keeps you warm and comfortable in winter -- it also costs less to run and is significantly less likely to develop leaks, damaged components and other common problems. Whether your goal is to save money or avoid last-minute calls to the boiler repair specialists, it’s always best to keep your boiler maintained and in top condition. Below, we’ve listed seven ways to keep your boiler in great condition in any season, from summer to the…

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A guide to building regulations for property investors and developers

Securing planning permission is only the first part of undertaking construction works in a legal manner. The second part is to ensure compliance with the building regulations. These are set out in the “Approved Documents”, which are essential reading for anyone involved in property development. Property investors should also be aware of them since they are a crucial part of the building process and therefore investors are recommended only to part with their cash if they are sure that a…

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How to keep your brain sharp in the trading business?

The trading business mostly requires brainpower. Because the more strategic you are, the more successful you will be. Thus, it is clear that you will have to work on improving your strategy. But, not all the traders can make a good trading strategy. This is because it needs a cool mindset and dedication to your work. For making an effective trading strategy, you will also need a relaxed working environment. It is not that hard for any trader. You just…


Why Your Washing Machine Isn’t Cleaning Anymore

Got a problem with your washing machine? Washing machines can fail for a variety of reasons, from a tripped circuit breaker to a damaged lid switch, faulty electrical controls or an overly worn agitator. Luckily, most washing machines are easy to fix, either by arranging washing machine repairs or by contacting your appliance’s manufacturer. Not sure why your washing machine isn’t working as it should? Below, we’ve listed some of the most common reasons your washing machine isn’t working properly,…


Artificial Grass VS Real Grass, the benefits of Real Grass

Technology has affected everyday life in the home, whether its mobile phones, digital showers, Smart TV’s or even Artificial Grass. First discovered in the 1960’s, it was first used in sports stadiums across America - today however, it is making a big impact in the lawns and gardens of people across the UK. Typically, high quality artificial turf uses tire cord the backing, whilst the individual ‘blades’ of grass are used from nylon or polypropylene. If you have a landscaping…

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How to invest in property bonds in a UK hotspot

Where’s the best place in the UK to invest in property bonds? One of the most common answers when we talk to investors interested in property is ‘London’. Overall, the theory is a sound one. It’s one of the economical capitals of the world, not just the UK, after all, and stories in the press consistently tell of foreign investors fighting to be the first to inject tens of billions of pounds into the London property market. It stands to…


What is the difference between Exchange and Completion in the UK

There’s always plenty of mumbo jumbo and industry terminology used these days, especially in house moving and at Richardson Moving & Storage, we have seen plenty of customers – on move day, may we add – very confused about the moving process, and what happens when. One of the biggest frustrations for many of our customers, is not having the difference between exchange and completion, thoroughly explained to them. Something we will attempt to answer below: What is Exchange (Exchange…