LAR Celebrates 20th Anniversary

LAR Celebrates 20th Anniversary

In order to celebrate their 20th Anniversary, LAR has undergone rebranding. The company was first founded in 1997 following a management buyout of Laing Asbestos Removal. This company was a part of John Laing Construction Ltd. Due to the buyout, a proportion of the directors and operational staff have more than 30 years of experience at the company. LAR works in the removal of asbestos and has safely carried out a range of projects across the UK, Europe and Africa with projects that have been valued up to £3.5 million.

LAR has spent the past two decades with the same branding and were looking for a change in order to mark this milestone in the company’s history. It was the intention of the company that the new brand better reflect the core values of the company, which are to deliver a high quality of service that is trusted and professional. The colours for used for the company’s branding will remain the same, but LAR have created a new logo and marketing materials have been changed. As part of this modernising exercise, LAR have also increased their online presence with the launch of a new website as well as social media pages.

Other celebrations have also taken place or been planned in order to celebrate twenty years of operation by the abatement specialists. A team from the company have already taken part in a charity bike ride. This event was also organised to coincide with ARCA charity week. The celebrations have continued with a corporate day at York Races. Finally, a team is scheduled to exhibit at Asbestos: The Truth Conference in November.

The company has also been recognised for their hard work, training and service with the ARCA Gold Training Award as well as the National Training Award and the ARCA Gold Site Audit Award. This is great news for the company, made even more prestigious as LAR are the only UK contractor to have won the ARCA Gold Site Audit Award for four consecutive years.


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