Marketing Manager For Victor Manufacturing Suggested Companies Have a Combination of a Bold Identity

Marketing Manager For Victor Manufacturing Suggested Companies Have a Combination of a Bold Identity

The Marketing Manager for Victor Manufacturing has suggested that in a competitive casual dining market it is important to make sure that companies have a combination of a bold identity while still being flexible in their approach to their front of house design.

Victor used more than 70 years of experience when providing advice to Panchos Burritos, the Mexican street food restaurant. The restaurant wants to replicate the success they experienced when the concept was first realised on the streets of Mexico in 2006 by the chef Enrique Martinez.

Panchos Burritos has managed to create a strong brand identity, which can then be seen through their urbanised interior style and distinctive menu. There are a number of Panchos Burritos restaurants and each restaurant’s design is different but they still maintain the same strength of brand in order to be recognisable. Recognition is helpful for the business in such a competitive dining market. Across the three different restaurants, there is a footfall of around 5,000 customers. Although to remain successful the company required more than good interior design. Enrique Martinez needed to make sure that his restaurants were designed in a way that lended itself to more intuitive customer experience, leading to overall customer satisfaction and return custom.

Victor Manufacturing managed to install a large heated wet well bains marie as part of the project to make Panchos Burritos a success. The equipment was part of Victor Manufacturing’s Synergy Range and allows for freshly prepared food to be displayed clearly while being kept and the optimum and required temperature. It is thought that the design of a restaurant is one of the most important aspects, and the server and numerous layout units are at the centre of Panchos’ restaurants. These units allowed the restaurant owners to be able to address the footfall of the and customer service experience.


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