Eon UK PLC Display Blue Castle Group Welfare Units

Eon UK PLC Display Blue Castle Group Welfare Units

Eon UK PLC recently put together a health and safety briefing week for the staff at the energy company’s Coventry site. At this site the company have also been celebrating a solar powered welfare unit that has been supplied by the waste management and energy consultancy company, Blue Castle Group.

Supplying this welfare unit for the for the Eon UK health and safety briefing is a part of the start of a new programme that has been initiated by Blue Castle Group. The work aims to encourage more companies that currently use these welfare units that are powered by fossil fuels as a part of their operations, to swap them for units that are powered by solar energy.

The new units have been created with state-of-the-art products and are filled with the equipment necessary to help staff working on temporary or permanent industrial, construction or landscaping sites and projects.  The new mobile units are also anti-vandal and have solar technology and telemetry while also boasting an enhanced quality of interiors. The units use the latest concepts for solar technology in order to deliver a location that has an economic use of space as well as a cost effective, environmentally efficient, alternative to the other standard fossil fuel welfare units.

The Commercial Director for Blue Castle, David Brighton has said that the development of these new solar power welfare units has a large number of benefits, including potential cost savings. The new facilities are significantly environmentally friendly and can be used widely, with there being little requirement for the generators. The pods do have generators in order to deliver an extra boost of power for running electrical appliances. These more modern units can offer access for staff to washing facilities, sanitary conveniences, access to drinking water as well as accommodation and space for drying and changing clothes. The welfare units also offer space for resting and eating.


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