Ciaran JaroszAs Editor of the magazine and online, Ciaran heads up the editorial department for Property & Development Magazine. Having worked with clients from just about every sub sector in the industry thus far, Ciaran has a broad knowledge of industry dealings, regulation and patterns. Always following spend within the industry, Ciaran focuses on the blue chip organisations defining the industry today. Not only looking at the construction and design cycles, but also the management of buildings forthwith, Ciaran specialises in the property and asset management sectors of the industry, highlighting how property owners can maximise the value and returns of any given property.

Wesley DaviesWith unrivaled industry experience under his belt, Wesley has a keen interest in pinpointing emerging technologies and sustainable construction methodologies, highlighting those organisations most reputable for their corporate social responsibility values. Wesley handles the majority of the sponsored and advertorial content, pushing the envelope of businesses looking to use Property & Development Magazine as a mode of communication for their marketing agenda. With a profound understanding of how construction and property professionals can best put the right foot forward, Wesley is able to support, and guide the marketing agenda of businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Dan StephensThe longest standing journalist on the team, Dan has been writing for Property & Development Magazine for some four years and, with an expert understanding of the issues and challenges presently being faced in the property, brings to the table great understanding and clarity. Maintaining a highly specialised interest in health and safety, both on and off the construction site, Dan is a passionate champion of those organisations operating responsibly. Specifically, Dan handles many of the safety-centric topics for Property & Development Magazine, such as those with considerable people-traffic, such as healthcare and education.

Hayley Toth, Journalist

Hayley TothAs the newest member of the team, Hayley is an accomplished writer and literature enthusiast. Handling much of the new-build and development topics within the magazine, Hayley brings out the latest developments and projects, highlighting areas of importance and prestige. Effectively showcasing excellence in architecture, design and cultural heritage, Hayley’s interests lie within the cultural import and role of buildings beyond that of mere structures for occupation.

Daryl Crowther, Journalist

Daryl CrowtherAs a journalist for Property & Development Daryl covers a broad range of subjects. Daryl has written for various publications – both consumer and trade – over the past decade and is highly regarded within the industry. Particularly interested in new, emerging technologies and their application to the modern property sector, Daryl works across many of the topics relative to hardware and software development for the industry, application development and digital procurement.